FREE Stitching Charts & Decorating Ideas

Personalization of a gift is always special and you now can do it with ease!

Our new line of towels can be embellished in many different ways.  The Cross Stitch Alphabet and other designs below are easily stitched onto any of our towels to create a personalized accent for your home.  Simply print out the design of your choice - cut out the design leaving space around it.  You can now transfer the design to the towel in one of several ways.
1. LIGHTBOX - Position and tape the design behind the towel.  Place the towel on a lightbox or hold up to a bright window.  Using a wash away pen or thin pencil - draw the design onto the towel.  DO NOT us a permanent pen or marker just in case you need to make any adjustments.  DO NOT use a thick line or a pen that will bleed onto the towel.
2. DRESSMAKER'S CARBON - There are many different types of dressmaker's carbon available at your local craft or sewing retailer.  Tape the design to the front of the towel at one side only.  Cut a piece of carbon and side between the design and towel - now pin the design and carbon in place.  Using a sharp pointed pencil or other tool, transfer the design to the towel.
3. WASH AWAY FABRIC - This thin, lining type fabric is available at your local craft or sewing retailer.  Place the fabric over the design, tape and transfer to the wash away fabric with a pencil.  Now pin the fabric to the towel.  Embroider and then apply a wet sponge to the fabric to make it dissolve.
ALPHABET - Cross Stitch with 3 strands in the color of your choice.
Our sample on the Grey and Off White Towel was stitched with DMC 310 Black.
Use Iron-On transfer patterns, available in hundreds of styles to place a design on the towels.  Stitch trimmings, appliques, buttons, beads or other washable embellishments on to the towels to create your own design.
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